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August 25, 2013

Akaviri, The Blades and the Dragon Language


I wonder if the Akaviri Dragon Hunters ever did learn the Dragon Language? We do not know much about the Akaviri, but does it seem impossible?

And if they did, then the very first Blades should have known the language as well, or am I wrong?

What makes me disbelieve myself is that there is no Dragon symbols at all, especially not on Alduins Wall, where they could have been depicted if it was common knowledge. 

Thanks for any insight on this.

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August 25, 2013

I can't find any canon information that would confirm it, but I think it is certainly possible that the Akaviri knew the Dragon Language.  "Akavir" means "dragon land" after all, and the Akaviri also rode red dragons as mounts, so there would have been a lot of interaction between the two.

The Blades are descended from a group called the Dragonguard, who were Akaviri and were responsible for Sky Haven Temple.  If they did know the Dragon Language, that knowledge could easily have been lost or forgotten in the time between then and the present day, much like the Dragonrend shout was forgotten.



April 6, 2014

I think they did know the dragon language, but perhaps because of the Great War and the akaviri almost were completely wiped out, it could've been lost.