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March 12, 2019

Would somebody be willing to verify/correct this little somethin

So, I'm fiddling with an Idea - and in the process I found myself overwhelmed by the amount of Information provided here in regards to the inner workings of the Dragon Language. I figured I could try my best, using just the Translator Tools, to give it a go, "brute force"-style.

However, I think that can only get one so far .. since I don't have the time to delve into the depths of it all, I figured I might try my luck in finding somebody more adept in the Dragon Language to verify and correct this for me :) 

Here goes the brute force attempt: 

Zu'u Los Fin Spaan Do Dii Fahdonne = I am the Shield of my Companions
Frin Wah Ofan Pah Do Zu'u Fah Niin = Eager to give all of me for them
Kreh Ni Krent = Bent, not broken
Ahraan Ni Viik = Wounded, not defeated
Sindugahvon Ulse = Unyielding for Eternity 

After this part is verified, I'd like to convert it into the runes - I assume that process is a little more straight-forward than the english-to-dragon translation, but would appreciate pointer's in the use of the provided tools (alphabet / transcriber) , aswell.

Kind regards, eagerly awaiting any input on the matter.


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Sonaak Kroinlah
March 13, 2019

Most of this seems fine to me. However "fin" is rarely used in Dovahzul so I would remove that. "Fahdonne" works but you could also use "Zeymahzinne". You said you used the translator, bear in mind that you can click on the translated words to see the dictionary entry and see if the connotations of the words are right for what you want to say. If you want to translate to runes you can use this: there is a letter key and a transcriber at the bottom of the page. I would offer the runic version myself but I'm uncertain which words you'd want used. :)


March 13, 2019

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