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A community for the dragon language of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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July 8, 2020




Koganne do Bormahu wah hi onik geinne!


Checking in again  I have a Blades guild where I am making an effort to intruduce Dovahzul into our culture  You have already helped me by making an honor shout for us (Ul! Mid! Zey!) that we have adopted as a standard greeting  


The guild has multiple chapters (we call the guild union Wundunikke Tokah) so we communicate together on a Wix site  Each morning I post something in Dovahzul as a greeting.   I have put work into this and I am happy to report that guild members (wundunikke) are beginning to respond in Dovahzul!

Something happened today that I would like to report  The guild has a EU/Asian chapter that will be split eventually  Someone from Asia posted "faas dukaan" today and I was unable to understand fear dishonor until I contacted the member directly and learned that fear dishonor means to hold honor highly in his culture.  Obviously the problem is that we are each translating our own culture's phraseology into Dovahzul. 

Certainly, we use the list of common phrases and I saw this concept being discussed in your posts. Are there anymore Dovahzul phrases?  

I am strict about adherence to the official canon (I know, I know, Tokah is a cheat but the shirts look better with 2 words ) and I even kicked someone over it. If there are no other phrases out there, is there room to take the concept further?

Thanks for everything that you put into this.   There is an English word to describe what you do perfectly   Cool



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July 15, 2020

Ni werid jul. Hi fen los nikriin.