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September 21, 2020

Need help translating my Fanmade poem for the Nords

Hey guys, I'm making a poem/song about Atmora
It is sung by Nords on skyrim lamenting their previous home.
It sung in dragon tongue and I'm hoping you can tell me if my translation of it is correct (However it still isn't 100% complete)

"Gut nol un sot ensosin hofkiin, ko daar lovaas ful wuth."
(Far from our white enchanted home, in this song so old.)
"Mu fen saraan erei fin krah kren do sul, wah siiv un lingrah vodahmin hofkiin."
(We must await until the cold break of day, to find our long forgotten home.)
"Fin gram lost zaan nau fin vulon, fin ven lost bo ahst fin galik."
(The clouds were shouting on the night, the winds were moving in the pines.)
"Nust los sahqo med yolos mu ag, un hofkiin rein naal kun."
(They were red, like flames we burned, our homes roared with light.)
"Nid lingrah wah fin faad hofkiin, med ven mu fen bo ahrk med od mu fen mah."
(No longer to the warm home, like wind we will go and like snow we will fall.)
"Un kul ahrk mon mahlaan ko faal sot, wah krif fah fin sot ensosin hofkiin."
(Our sons and daughters fallen in the white, to fight for the white enchanted home.)

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September 23, 2020
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