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July 14, 2014

Canon, Semi-Canon and Non-Canon

I've been curious about it for a while, but how do you categorize the translations? P.S. If you get confused easily do not read the "For example:" section.

For example:

Canon - Appears in game with a translation

Semi-Canon - Either appears in game without a translation or is found out by combining two known words. Example: If Aak "Guide" and Dok "Dog" were Canon translations you could infer that "Guide Dog" would be something like "Aakdok." I know that is not the correct translation, the correct translation for "Guide Dog" is Aadok.

Non-Canon - Words made up that would fit within the Elder Scrolls Universe.

Thank you for your time reading and/or answering my question,


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July 15, 2014

Er, actually, you're both wrong. Here's what they really mean:

  • Canon: invented and aprroved of by Bethesda. Can be in-game or from Prima Games Guide (who got the list from Bethesda).
  • Semi-canon: NOT from the game or Bethesda, but BASED OFF OF a canon word or concept, no matter how srongly or loosely (spiin is semi-canon).
  • Non-Canon: has NOTHING to do with canon, even if the definition describes something in TES universe.
  • Modern: Anything that is not in TES universe, but that, instead, we have concept of (like billiards). These should always technically be semi-canon.



July 14, 2014

I'm slightly confused about the question that you are asking (if confusion isn't mentioned in this post at all) because it seems as if you already answered the question yourself or maybe you just copied and pasted the section from the page. Anyway, if you are asking how to catagorize a word that you are submitting (which you probably aren't) then there is a section i believe under the section for what type of word it is (ex. Adjective). If you are asking how to catagorize them then I think that from what I can see from your original question you don't want me to give you an example so here it goes;

Canon: words already in the Dovahzul language (however not always with a translation, as far as I'm concerned Numinex is still not translated)

Semi-Canon: words that could be in the dragon language however were not said specifically in the game itself (MUST be made up of canon words, cannot (ha see what I did there?) be made up of anything other than canon words and cannot be a changed by being made up or improvised in any way, shape, or form, any word like that would be a Non-Canon)

Non-Canon: Words based off/rooted in/of Semi or Canon words (ex. Spaan means shield and the Non-Canon word Spiin (that I authored) means 'screen') Also these words are NOT mentioned in the game. 

Modern: words made up of/rooted in/based off of/ any canon, semi, or non word that has absolutely nothing to do with the game AT ALL. These words can still be old like the word Telegraph. But also words like phone or television are included.

I hope I helped you and answered your question, however the question was unclear so i still am unsure of what you ment exactly but if I didn't answer the question then you are MORE than welcome to PM me what you ment. 

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