Is it a validable hypothesis?

Some time ago I asked about the word Chirality on the thread. One of the answer proposed the words Fiik (mirror) and Brendon (specter) as elements to consider. I couldn't find the thread as it lost in such a long thread that a search motor would be welcome.

So I discovered that Chivalry word is Zinthro, Knight is Kendaar and also that Shroud is translated Vonuntiv.

Considering the phonetic EI  /a?/ and EY /e?/

Why not make Chiral, i pronounced EI /a?/ and Chi-(/a?/)-ral-i-(/i/)-t-y-(/i/) meaning the classical Chi-(/i/)-rali-(/i/)-ty-(/i/) word in English. Daedric word would be Chi-(/i/)-rali-(/i/)-te-(/?/), the (/?/) not being (/i/).

Turn Chivalry into Kendaar, the word for Knight would then be Ki-(/i/)-ny-(/a?/)-te.

I let the community think about this hypothesis and hope of it being adopted as I think it brings clarity and efficiency to Dovahzul.

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