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November 22, 2021

Alduins wall prophecy

Hello i have translate my self the prophecy a few years ago with the (at this time) not Legacy Translator... while the Thuum org was expanded and change a bit from Legacy to new Translator my prohecy translation dont work... either... and it makes sense cause many translated words dont exist anymore....

Is there maybe a translated prohecy from the new Translator? i know a prophecy about destroy the End Dragon are not common in dragon speech cause why would they translate something about killing them in there own speech... but really like the dovahzul and translate skyrim lores in to it :) 

Thx for advice! Drem Yol Lok! 

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November 23, 2021
Here is my version I did some months ago:

Rul tahrovin gaar ko pah Lein

Rul Numidium alok ahrk tiid vaaz

Rul faal Lot Kogaan funt ahrk Sahqo Qethselein motaad

Rul Du'ul do Jun Dovahkiin kren, ahrk Sot Qethselein mah

Rul Monahven al, voth nid jun, sosaal

Alduin vokrii, ahrk dez do lein praan nau faal Laat Dovahkiin.


November 29, 2021


thx for your translation....

it work well

after 2 years i finally register me here at ...


hope to learn more

Drem Yol Lok!