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September 22, 2013

Word for Berry?

(also posted as a comment to the words-topic)

Hey! Im new to the forum and first I rly would like to thank everyone for the fantastic work!
I have a question tho, having going through your dictionary and the above post.

Blueberry (noun) - Miirit
Strawberry (noun) - Hiskeil

What would the official word for berry be?

Also in the dictionary the word for battle is Grah
and battleaxe is grahkun, but the simple word axe is hahkun
but battlefield is the same word as only field.
wouldnt battlefield be Grahfrod? and battlemage grahkeinlahzey?, what does the kein in keinlahzey stand for?

I have'nt fully started to read through your lessons yet so if these questions is better described in the lessons I deeply apologize for being to hasty in asking questions.

Sincerely Alakina

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September 22, 2013

I saw your comment before this, so you'll find an answer to your "berry" question there.  As for the others:

  1. Frod can mean both "field" and "battlefield".  It can in English sometimes too: "I will meet them on the field."  So this is why it is "Frod" and not "Grahfrod".  This one's canon, so that's the best insight I can give about its meaning.
  2. The concept behind "Grahkun" is that it is a shortening of "Grahahkun".  This is called a portmanteu, where two words are combined together, but aren't a true compound.  English examples include smog ("smoke + fog"), brunch ("breakfast + lunch"), and spork ("spoon + fork").
  3. "Kein" means "war", so the word for "battlemage", "Keinlahzey", literally means "war-mage".  "Grahlahzey" would work just as well.

Hope this helps!


September 22, 2013

It helped alot, thank you for the fast answer.