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Dovahzul Storybook Contest Winners

June 14, 2015

Last month, the community was challenged to write or illustrate a myth set in The Elder Scrolls universe. The results of that work are now available in The Tales of LindlaTales features 5 stories with accompanying artwork that explore the myth of Lindla Frost-Born. Brush up on your Dovahzul or simply enjoy some new Skyrim fiction. A huge thank you to everyone who participated!

June 2, 2015

Liivrun l3vrun
(verb) to wane, diminish in strength
Semi-Canon.  Authored by Maakrindah.

"Suleyksedovah drey liivrun mindin viik do Alduin."
sul9ksedov4 dr9 l3vrun mindin v3k do Alduin

On a side note, thanks to everyone who participated in the Dovahzul Storybook Contest! The results are currently being forged, and we hope to reveal them soon.

Dovahzul Storybook

May 1, 2015

Stormcloaks gather around their campfire and whisper stories of Ysgramor and his Five Hundred Companions. Dunmer spread tales of living-gods and treasure beneath timeless ruins. A Redguard sings a song of golden lands now lost to the sea.

The Elder Scrolls series is rich with mythology and legendary tales. Over the next several weeks, we’ll be crafting a myth of our own through poetry, short fiction, and art featuring the dragon language.

Our story will follow the life and deeds of Lindla Frost-Born, a shield maiden of old Atmora. The myth is outlined in broad strokes below, but the details, are up to you! For this contest, your task is to illustrate one piece of the myth through writing or art. Writing may include a poem or short story. Art may include a sketch, illustration, painting, photograph, or screenshot.

You are encouraged to collaborate with other members for your submission. Help make an illustration for someone’s writing, or tie both of your parts of the tale together. Not every entry must fit together, either. The magic of a myth is that there are many ways to tell it. Experiment with different points of view for your submission. Perhaps yours paints Lindla as bloodthirsty rather than heroic, or perhaps someone in 4th-Era Tamriel is examining this myth for historical accuracy.

In the end, all winning entries will be compiled into a single storybook that will tell Lindla’s tale in full. You don’t have to be a member of to submit, but winning members will receive 60 gold. If you submit winning art and writing, you will receive 90 gold.

The Myth

Below are the main story points of the myth to follow for your submission, with potential questions or variations to play with. See also this fanmade map of Atmora for reference and inspiration.

Lindla’s Birth

Lindla is born in the ancient hold of Haafsrik to the Snow-Stone Clan, in a time of turmoil.

  • What is Lindla’s parentage? Perhaps her father was leader of the clan, or her mother was a dragon priestess.
  • What were the circumstances of her birth? Was there perhaps a storm or an aurora / divine light that signaled her birth?
  • What sort of turmoil? War between clans, against the Snow Elves, natural disaster?

Lindla and the Pine-Ghost

As a child, Lindla becomes a skilled hunter and pursues a mythical creature known by her folk as the Pine-Ghost. She hunts it through Forelgrim Forest and slays it, but with its dying breath, the Pine-Ghost sets upon her a curse.

  • What kind of animal is the Pine-Ghost? A bear, a wolf, a stag, a werewolf, something else?
  • Why does the Pine-Ghost haunt the woods? Is it a spirit of vengeance from a battle? An apparition of Kyne, or Hircine?
  • How does Lindla kill the Pine-Ghost? With an arrow? The Thu’um? Her bare fists?
  • What is the nature of the curse? If not a curse, is it a blessing from Kyne, or a portent of the future?

The Fall of Haafsrik

Haafsrik comes under attack from a neighboring clan, led by the Raven King of Einmor. Haafsrik falls after a fierce battle. Her family slain, Lindla escapes to the woods and swears vengeance.

  • Is the Raven King aided by any outside power, such as Thu’um, or the Daedra?
  • How do Lindla’s parents die? Valiantly in battle, attempting to flee?
  • How does Lindla escape? Does divine intervention save her? Does she cut through the hordes of the enemy to her freedom?

Lindla Among the Wolves

In Forelgrim Forest, Lindla joins a band of outlaws called the Wolves. There she comes to learn the sword and shield and the secrets of the wild. She eventually becomes the leader of the Wolves, and with them, endeavours to take back Haafsrik.

  • Who are the outlaws? Fellow survivers from Haafsrik? Are they, in fact, actual wolves? Or werewolves, and Lindla turns to Hircine to seek her vengeance?
  • What are some strange or magical things she learns about in the wilderness?
  • How does she become the leader of the Wolves? By proving her worth in some feat? Defeating the old leader in battle? Is facing Tahagrel (see the next event) her passage to leadership?

Lindla and Tahagrel

Lindla climbs a nearby peak and encounters the dragon Tahagrel. She does speaks with the wyrm and wins him to her cause.

  • Who kind of dragon is Tahagrel? What is his temperament?
  • How does LIndla convince him to join her? Does she face him in battle to prove her strength? Defeat him in a contest of Thu’ums? Answer a riddle? Trick or deceive the dragon in some way?

Lindla’s Vengeance

With all her strength gathered, Lindla descends on Haafsrik and the Raven King. With the aid of the Wolves and Tahagrel, she slays many foes and kills the Raven King himself. but her wrath is too great, and Haafsrik is reduced to rubble.

  • How do Lindla and her companions plan their attack?
  • How does Lindla slay the Raven King?
  • In what way is Haafsrik destroyed? Does Tahagrel burn it down? Does Lindla issue a Thu’um so great it causes its destruction? Does some natural disaster strike?

Lindla’s Fate

Her home destroyed, Lindla fades into the woods. What becomes of her?

  • Does Lindla die alongside the Raven King in battle?
  • Does she cross the Sea of Ghosts to live out her life in exile in Skyrim?
  • Does Tahagrel forge her a mask and make her a dragon priestess bound to his service, as payment for his aid?
  • Does she go to Sovngarde or Hircine’s Hunting Grounds?

Contest Entry Guidelines

Select one event in the myth above and tell it through a poem, Word Wall, short story, or art. Below are the guidelines for each category:

  • Poetry - Poems should be written in the dragon language only. Poetry may be anywhere from 20-1,000 words. Please provide a translation for your poetry.
  • Short Fiction - Short fiction may be written in English or the dragon language, but English entries should feature Dovahzul in some way. For example, your entry might be mostly English with sections in Dovahzul, or dialogue may be written in Dovahzul. See Word Walls for examples of short Dovahzul fiction.

    Short fiction should be between 50-2,500 words. If your story is entirely in Dovahzul or features large sections of Dovahzul, please provide translations with your submission.
  • Art - Please submit all art as an email attachment to [email protected] Art should be submitted in PNG or JPG file formats. The final book will be an 8.5” x 11” PDF document, so please size your images accordingly and optimize your images to be web-friendly. Consider art that can be placed at the beginning, middle, or end of text. Dovahzul does not need to be used in artwork, but would be a plus. Only submit artwork that you have created.

You can send your entry in a private message to paarthurnax or send it in the body of an email to [email protected] with the subject line: Dovahzul Storybook.  In this message/email, please provide:

  • Your full entry
  • English translation, if needed
  • Art, if any, attached as a JPG or PNG
  • The name, pen name, username, or blog url you would like to be listed as the author of your entry

This contest will be open for entries until Friday, May 29th. Pruzah pel! Be sure to share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

April 21, 2015

Each month, we're shining the spotlight on a special member of the community. This month's Featured Member is  Liis, Liis has been a member since last July, and is the author of 150+ words.

Check out the interview below!

Drem Yol Lok! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Nicki. My community persona is a Khajiit Dragon Priest. Despite being an American, I use the UK version of the spelling of the English language. I lean strongly on SPD (Schizoid Personality Disorder), which my girlfriend helps me with.

How did you first become interested in The Elder Scrolls?

I was introduced to The Elder Scrolls with Skyrim. Being that I played ample amounts of Runescape, The Elder Scrolls series was a warm welcome. I quickly adjusted to the lore as the game grew on me exponentially.

Are there any other languages that you speak?

I own a conlang named Siji. It is a fully fledged and functional conlang that is 11 years old. I still speak it very fluently, yet I am letting it die. The language grieves me for reasons I'd rather keep to myself.

Warrior, thief, or mage?

Actually, both Warrior and Mage. I'm an Auxiliary Spellsword. Meaning that I use a sword and bow with the help of any school of magic besides the school of Destruction in my offhand. 

Favorite Dragon Shout?

My favourite Shout is Slow Time. Being a Khajiit in-game also, I find it only natural to be very dextrous. Slow Time allows me to deal with or dispatch several targets at once with reflexes of a seasoned combatant.

Thanks for the interview! 

April 4, 2015

The Jarl's Bounty is a wordsmithing event where the community helps create words for the dictionary. Below is a list of words that do not yet have translations. Share your idea for a word in the comments, and we'll discuss them throughout the day. At the end, the Jarl himself will review your suggestions and them to his list. Everyone who participates in the event will receive 60 gold!

The words for this Jarl's Bounty are:

Comment below with your word ideas and example sentences of how they may be used. Pruzah tinvaak​!