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Conversational Dragon

Now that we know how to construct sentences, read, and write them, let's take a look at the dragon language in conversation. This lesson covers a wide variety of commonly used phrases to help with basic conversation. If you are still unfamiliar with parts of the grammar, you may be able to pick up some patterns from the phrases provided here.

Grammatically, the spoken language follows some slightly different guidelines than the written language, which has been our focus up to this point. It has earlier been stressed that articles like the, aan, and fin aren't often used, and this holds true for the spoken language. However, the verb kos/los is less commonplace, and in shorter sentences is usually cut.

This lesson features a number of phrases both from the game and invented by the community. In-game phrases are marked with canon arrows while invented phrases are marked with non-canon arrows.

Shout-like Phrases

A Shout is made up of three Words of Power. The dragon language has phrases that mimic the three-word format of Shouts, but don't call a storm or set the place on fire. One example is "drem yol lok" - its literal translation is "peace fire sky" but it's used to mean "greetings". Below is a list of similar phrases.

Dragon Phrase Literal Meaning Meaning
Aaz Hah So
Mercy Mind Sorrow I'm sorry. / You have my sympathies. Used to express sorrow or sadness rather than a casual "I'm sorry".
Bo Nah Gut
Fly Fury Far Leave! / Begone! Expressing that someone should go away, territorial.
Drem Yol Lok
Peace Fire Sky Greetings. Acknowledges territory and the temporary withholding of aggression.
Kip Jot Naak
Food Maw Eat Merry eating! / Bon app├ętit.
Paaz Shul Grind
Fair Sun Meet Nice to meet you.
Ruth Strun Bah
Rage Storm Wrath Expressing anger, hate, or frustration.
Tiid Bo Viing
Time Fly Wing I must leave. / It's time for me to go.
Vah Su'um Ven
Spring Breath Wind Farewell.


English Phrase Dragon Phrase Literal Translation
Hello! Greetings! (formal)
Drem yol lok!
Peace fire sky!
Hi! Hello! (informal)
Meeting! / (We) meet!
Nice to meet you.
Paaz shul grind.
Pruzah grind.
Fair sun meet.
A good meeting.
Good day!
Paaz sul!
Pruzah sul!
(A) fair day!
(A) good day!
Good night!
Paaz vulon!
Pruzah vulon!
(A) fair night!
(A) good night!
I'm going now.
Bo nu.
(I) fly now.
Until later.
Erei mu grind.
Until we meet (again).
Pruzah wundunne.
Lok, Thu'um.
Vah Su'um Ven.
Good travels.
Sky Above, Voice Within.
Spring breath wind.

Asking & Answering Questions

English Phrase Dragon Phrase Literal Translation
Do you speak the dragon language?
Tinvaak hi Dovahzul?
Piraak hi Dovahzul?
Speak you Dovahzul (Dragon Voice)?
Posses you the Dragon Voice?
What is your name?
Wo los hi?
Who are you?
My name is ...
Zu'u ...
I (am) ...
How are you?
Bo paaz?
Lok paaz?
(Do you) fly fair?
(Are your) skies fair?
I am good/well.
Zu'u pruzah.
Paaz lok.
I (am) well.
Fair skies.
I am okay.
Zu'u los ol zu'u.
Zu'u los.
I am as I (am).
I am.
I am not well.
Ni pruzah.
Lok gram.
(I am) not good.
(My) skies (are) clouded.
I am hungry.
Zu'u piraak bahlok.
Zu'u bahlok.
I possess hunger.
I (am) hunger. (stronger emphasis than the first)
I have thought long about it.
Lingrah morah.
Long focus.
This will be tricky. / That's hard to answer.
Can you help me?
Fen hi aak?
Will you guide (me)?
I am looking for ...
Zu'u tovit ...
Zu'u yah ...
I search (for) ...
I seek ...
Do you know ...
Mindok hi ...
(Do) you know ...
Do you understand ...
Mindoraan hi ...
(Do) you understand ...
I don't know.
I don't understand.
As you know ...
Mindoraan ...
Understand ...
That is a fair request / I have a fair request
Ro laan.
(A) balanced request.
Not now / Not yet
Ni tiid
(It is) not (the) time.
Pardon me / Excuse me
Follow me.
Zu'u fen aak.
I will guide (you).

Other Phrases

Dragon Phrase Literal Meaning Meaning
Su'um ahrk morah.
Breath and focus. Expresses goodwill or farewell.
Ful nii los
So it is.
Grik los lein.
Such is the world.
Orin brit ro.
(A) fully beautiful balance. A phrase used to express irony.
Tiid bo amativ.
Time flows onward. To express moving past something.
Dez motmahus.
Fate (is) slippery. Not knowing what will happen.
Zok brit uth!
(A) most beautiful command! "I'd be glad to do that!"
Brit grah.
(A) beautiful battle. Expressing a good or worthy fight.
Faaz nah!
Pain, fury! "Damn you!"
Rage! "Rage! / Curses! / Damn!"
Peace. Be patient, be calm, calm down.
True. Definitely, certainly, indeed, used to voice agreement.
Kren sosaal!
Break (and) bleed! A curse or threat.


1. A friend greets you with "Drem yol lok, fahdoni. Lok paaz?" What does this mean?

See answer

"Greetings, my friend. How are you?"

2. A dragon has told you "Bo nah gut, nikriin!" How might you respond?

See answer

You could comply and say "bo nu". You could say "drem yol lok" to try and solve the dispute. "Kren sosaal!" will probably get you eaten.

3. Write down some of Paarthurnax or Alduin's dialogue from Skyrim and do your best to translate them. Explore what phrases or patterns of speech they use often.

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