A community for the dragon language of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

A community for the dragon language of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

November 26, 2018

Laas Yah Nir l1s y4 n7

Dovahkiin, dreh hi koraav? Dreh hi koraav fin bri do nii? Do pah fin laas ko fin su ahrk golt ko Vus? Laas do pah los sivaan naal thu’um wo koraav pah, dilon uv nahlaas, do slen dwiin uv deyra. Laas ko fin lein aal kos zin uv dukaan, hokoron uv fahdon. Zu’u fen tinvaak do laas, ful koraav nu.

Laas do aan kril vahdin ont lost zarahmiik fah laas do ek zofaas kiirre. Laas do kah hun ont mah nau frod wo unt suleyk do pah. Orin laas lost in ahrk fron wah sivaase do Kaan. Ko pah kopranne do laas, pah nis vonun wah hin miin, Dovahkiin. Nunon tinvaak ahrk fin zii fen thaarn.

Dovahkiin, did you see? Can you sense it? If not, then seek out the words of power at Northwind Summit, Valthume, and Volunruud. Your eyes shall be opened!?

Credit to Zinrahzul for the pel!

August 31, 2018

Community member phuocpeter19 has been working on an iOS dictionary app, and it's now available on iTunes! The app contains entries from the dictionary here on the site for offline use with English-Dragon and Dragon-English sections. Enjoy, and direct any feedback you may have to the thread here!

July 19, 2018

Lok Vah Koor lok v4 k5r

The words of power—LOK VAH KOOR—are hidden away with the knowledge of the dovah. They are unknown to the Dovahkiin, who seeks to clear the way to the top of the Throat of the World, the Monahven. It is in that very place that the mighty Paarthurnax rests, for he is the ultimate master of Way of the Voice, revered by his faithful disciples and followers the Graybeards. Maybe the Dovahkiin will learn them when ready! Arngeir, Einarth, and Wulfgar know these very words of power. From the power within, through your breath and out your lips to the sky, let the storms break up, and the clouds fall away! 

Here the words of a bard long lost in time:

Nau brit pindaarselok, aal bein gramme graan,
Nol riiselaas do vah, ahrk venne nau viing.
Strunne ahrk tahrovin bo, fah faal thuum dreh uth goraan koor.
Ful, huzrah, feyn do daar lein, Alduin.

Hin bein ven tol du daanik sille vonuz.
Naal suleyk do kruziik kendovve, lot thuum kotin,
Rein komeyt amativ, hi sahlo, ahrk hin vokul rel nok nu,
Feyn do daar lein, Alduin!

On the sky’s fair plane, Let the dreary clouds flee away, 
Routed by the life force of spring, and the breezes on the wing.
Let the storms and treachery disappear, for the thu’um commands summer clear!

Oh, bane of this world, Alduin. 
Your foul mist that consumes, with doomed souls unseen.
By the power of four warriors, great thuum within,
Shouts forth, you are exposed, your wicked reign to end!

Unslaad kogaan again to Zinrahzul for the writeup!

July 2, 2018

Each Monday on a blue moon, we post a dragon language riddle of something found in Skyrim for you to solve. Some may involve tricky meanings and wordplay, so pay close attention to the original dragon text. Comment below if you know the answer or if you'd like a hint.

Here is this week's riddle, written by Zinrahzul:

Wundun3k wo kr3st nau v9do
Lov1s do z5 wo bo nau od 
Tinv1k 4rk z5 fen 1k hi voth fus
W4 strunm4 med dov4 z2m lok w4 gol

June 1, 2018

Su su
(noun) air

Su is the first word in the Elemental Fury Shout. Its Words of Power can be found at Dragontooth Crater, Shriekwind Bastion, and Statue to Meridia.

The very life-giving air that you breathe weaves in and around all things. Su is its very essence. Mere natural ability or honed skill may move a warrior swiftly enough. With su, however, you will slice through gracefully, commanding its very essence to stand aside and submit with haste. When you speak su with your inner breath, you will out-pace your opponent with every movement. Release su and unleash your fury!

Rinik su monahselaas tol hi ofaal bo kotin ahrk nau pah. Su los fin rinik rii. Kosil dun aal dah kendov voth mal dun nuz voth Su hi fen vey zeim nii voth lot dun ahrk uth fin rinik rii wah qiilaan ahrk aam voth mul. Fod hi tinvaak Su voth thuum, hi fen kron hin paal voth pah nos. Komeyt Su ahrk gaar hin nah!

"Lot kendov uth fin rinik su wah nos hokoron voth pogaas nah."
lot kendov uth fin rinik su w4 nos hokoron voth pog1s n4

Credit to Zinrahzul for the writeup!