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Four Years of Skyrim

November 1, 2015

In just over a week, November 11th will mark four years since the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. To celebrate our favorite game, we'll be trekking back to that snowy province. Join us on a scavenger hunt across Skyrim to uncover the mysteries of a long-forgotten dragon priest. Starting today and running up to the 11th, new clues in the dragon language will appear around the site for you to decipher.

Dive into the new forum to begin your hunt and post your findings. Happy hunting!

October 26, 2015

Nir n7
(verb) hunt

"Faal lot sonaak Onikaan ont nir muz ahrk mulaag wah diin silii ahrk lahney mahfaeraak."
f1l lot son1k onik1n ont n7 muz 4rk mul1g w4 d3n sil3 4rk l4n9 m4faer1k

Dovahzul Discussion

October 17, 2015

The newest addition to the site is The Scholars' Wall, a community chatroom dedicated solely to Dovahzul, Elder Scrolls lore, and website discussion. This is the place to ask an immediate question about the language, practice using it with other members of the community, or share your theories and ideas. Don't worry, the old Community Wall isn't going anywhere - it will remain the same and the community wall guidelines are unchanged. The Scholars' Wall is simply a new place for more focused discussion.


Going forward, the website will be using rather than non-www. If you've been logged out as a result of this quick housekeeping change, log back in and you'll be good to bo.

Old Dragon, New Tricks

You can now enter a URL such as to go directly to that word's dictionary entry. If you need a translation in a pinch, the same works with Note that it will display the first matching word, so the Search tool is your best bet if you need more detailed results.

This also works with profile pages, such as


Numbers & Counting

October 4, 2015

A new lesson is available in the Learn section, Numbers & Counting. This lesson covers how to express numbers, distance, and size in canon, and a new numerical system developed by the community. Special thanks to Liis for heading the discussion on numbers and making this lesson possible. Happy learning!

Dovahzul Flag Contest Winner

September 22, 2015

Congratulations to skreborn, who created the winning flag design (below)! Almost 140 of you participated in the voting, and skreborn's design swept the polls with 74% of the vote. Lot kogaan to all the finalists and everyone else who participated in the contest.


In the near future, the polling system used for this contest will also be available to everyone who wants to embed a poll on the forums. Stay tuned for more updates and contests.