A community for the dragon language of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

A community for the dragon language of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

July 2, 2018

Each Monday on a blue moon, we post a dragon language riddle of something found in Skyrim for you to solve. Some may involve tricky meanings and wordplay, so pay close attention to the original dragon text. Comment below if you know the answer or if you'd like a hint.

Here is this week's riddle, written by Zinrahzul:

Wundun3k wo kr3st nau v9do
Lov1s do z5 wo bo nau od 
Tinv1k 4rk z5 fen 1k hi voth fus
W4 strunm4 med dov4 z2m lok w4 gol

June 1, 2018

Su su
(noun) air

Su is the first word in the Elemental Fury Shout. Its Words of Power can be found at Dragontooth Crater, Shriekwind Bastion, and Statue to Meridia.

The very life-giving air that you breathe weaves in and around all things. Su is its very essence. Mere natural ability or honed skill may move a warrior swiftly enough. With su, however, you will slice through gracefully, commanding its very essence to stand aside and submit with haste. When you speak su with your inner breath, you will out-pace your opponent with every movement. Release su and unleash your fury!

Rinik su monahselaas tol hi ofaal bo kotin ahrk nau pah. Su los fin rinik rii. Kosil dun aal dah kendov voth mal dun nuz voth Su hi fen vey zeim nii voth lot dun ahrk uth fin rinik rii wah qiilaan ahrk aam voth mul. Fod hi tinvaak Su voth thuum, hi fen kron hin paal voth pah nos. Komeyt Su ahrk gaar hin nah!

"Lot kendov uth fin rinik su wah nos hokoron voth pogaas nah."
lot kendov uth fin rinik su w4 nos hokoron voth pog1s n4

Credit to Zinrahzul for the writeup! 

May 22, 2018

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April 1, 2018

As the Scrolls of have foretold, an ancient prophecy has been discovered. What could these mysterious pieces mean? Together, you might be able to find an answer. Share your findings in the comments below!

View the Ancient Prophecy

March 1, 2018

This March, we’re having some “madness” of our own with a Sikaav Tournament! Whether you’ve been honing your skills these past Sikaav Saturdays or are brand new, we hope you participate! Winners will each receive the exclusive Sahvot dragon priest mask to show off in their Hoard.

The tournament will have both competitive and cooperative branches. See more below and keep an eye on the Sikaav Forum for all news and updates about the tournament!

Competitive Tournament

To participate in the competitive tournament, sign up in this thread before Friday, March 9th.

Players will face off across multiple rounds (how many will be determined by the number of participants), and the players with the best records will continue into single-elimination playoffs. See the thread above for the complete rules.

Cooperative Tournament

Through Saturday, March 31st, submit your completed game to this thread to enter into the cooperative tournament. The team with the highest cumulative score will win.

To be eligible, cooperative games must have a 60-turn limit. You can play in as many games and with as many teams as you’d like. If you’d like to find people to play with, post to this thread.

We hope you all have fun and learn some along the way!