A community for the dragon language of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

A community for the dragon language of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

October 28, 2016

Today marks the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition! Whether you're revisiting Skyrim or just getting started, we hope you enjoy the game as many of us have over the years. A big welcome to all new members who are eager to learn the dragon language, and anyone returning to brush up on their Shouts!

If this is your first time visiting, is a resource and community for learning the dragon language of Skyrim. Feel free to dive right into our comprehensive dictionary or search for a particular word. We have a main dictionary containing all of the official words of the language, and a legacy dictionary containing thousands of fanmade words. Also take a look at the Translator tool for advanced search features.

Looking to learn the language yourself? Head right over to the Lessons and try your hand at the Memrise course, where you'll be picking up dragon vocab in no time. Once you have the basics under your belt, we have a whole Library full of stories, poetry, essays, articles, and other resources featuring the dragon language for you to learn from. For extra fun and challenge, try out some of our learning games, such as The Labyrinth text adventure game, or the point-and-click adventure Forelnaar.

If you like what you see, join our community and enjoy Skyrim and the dragon language with other fans of the game. In the meantime, have fun and stay tuned for updates, contests, and events. Lok, thu'um!

August 20, 2016

With the latest update, the dragon language dictionary is open once again for international language translation. Our grand hope is for Skyrim fans all around the world to be able to speak to each other through the dragon language, and that will be more possible than it’s been in the past with two-way international dictionaries, Search, and in the near future, Translator support.

We will be starting with French and German language dictionaries, and hopefully many more. The new International Translation Discussion forum will be the place for people to collaborate and expand these dictionaries. If you speak French, German, or another language and are looking to help out, swing by the signup thread. If you’re already a Translator from the previous dictionary, let us know which language(s) you speak so we can assign them to you. Be sure to check out the subforum for your language as well, where you can work more closely with your fellow Translators.

As always, if you have any feedback or encounter any new issues because of the update, feel free to comment here or on the Site Discussion forum.

April 10, 2016

After the past few months of TES-only discussion, the Community Wall is now open-topic again. Stop on by and say hello! Alongside this change, we've added a couple new features:

  • Chat icons now appear in the "Members Online' section so you can see who's currently chatting. While you're chatting, the "Members Online" section will automatically update so you won't have to refresh the page to see who's online.
  • emotes can now be used in the chat.
  • A "Daily Topic" message now appears above the Community Wall, which will update with a new Dovahzul, Elder Scrolls, language, or video game-related prompt each day. Use this as a starting point if you're looking for something to chat about. Feel free to suggest topics you'd like to see here!
March 11, 2016

Part listening exercise and part audio drama, The Jarl’s Word is a new series that will transport you to First Era Skyrim, where Snow Elves still stalk the woods and the dragon language is the language of the law. You are the newly appointed scribe of the High King, and must record his commands for all of Skyrim to hear.

Grab some pen and paper and listen at your own pace. Share an image of your transcription in the comments below, and the Jarl will award you 30 gold, or 45 gold for transcriptions written in runes. For additional practice, you can also try translating his commands.

Listen to The Jarl’s Word Episode 1 - Introductions

The Jarl’s Word is something new we’re trying out, and as always we would appreciate your feedback! If you enjoy it, we hope to produce more episodes in the future. If you like listening exercises but would prefer them in a different format, we’ll consider that as well. For now, thanks for listening and best of luck!

March 5, 2016

The Word Wall Contest has concluded, and here are the winning entries! Congratulations go to the following winners:

Read the Word Wall Contest winning entries

Many thanks to everyone who entered! Happy reading, and keep an eye out for future contests and events.