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A community for the dragon language of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Word Type[?]
Official Definition[?]

(Dialogue File, 000E1705)
(POGGLE, p. 1097)

Expanded Definition[?]

n. soul; character, nature; life


Alduin saraan hin sil ko Sovngarde!
Alduin awaits your soul in Sovngarde!
(Dragon, 000E1705)

Het mah Hrothmar, Bah Grohiik do bruniik pindaar. Aal ok sil rovaan Sovngarde mahfaeraak.
Here fell Hrothmar, Wrath Wolf of the savage plains. May his soul wander Sovngarde forever.
(Word Wall for Bah, Storm Call)

Pruzaan Zun ko Keizaal los hahdrim do dwiin-sil kendov.
The best Weapon in Skyrim is the mind of a steel-souled warrior.
(Word Wall for Zun, Disarm)

Qethsegol vahrukiv key Sarvirra, zok krin Raan alun wah fonaar odus frod, ahrk ofan ok sil fah ok drog.
This stone commemorates the horse Sarvirra, the most courageous Animal ever to charge the snowy battlefields, and give his soul for his lord.
(Word Wall for Raan, Animal Allegiance)


Specifically refers to souls in the afterlife. Generally should not be used in reference to dragons. Contrast with zii ‘spirit’ which more closely refers to living souls (such as the soul of a living person or dragon).

No etymology to note.

From English ‘soul’. Refers to literal souls, but also used to refer to character or nature (dwiin-sil ‘steel-souled’) or one’s life (ofan ok sil ‘to give his soul’). Not to be confused with the close homophone ziil ‘your spirit’.