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V4RUKT Vahrukt
Word Type[?]
Official Definition[?]

(Book, Dragon Language: Myth No More)
(Dialogue File, 0003FA48)
(POGGLE, p. 1097)

Expanded Definition[?]

n. memory; remembrance


Vahrukt unslaad... perhaps none but me now remember how /Alduin/ was defeated.
Vahrukt unslaad = memory unceasing
(Paarthurnax, 0003FA48)

Qethsegol vahrukiv Vulgrum fin Zahkrii ko fin Ven, sovrahzun wen moro lost maltiid, nuz ko vahrukt unslaad.
This stone commemorates Vulgrum the Sword in the Wind, the mercenary whose glory was brief, but in memory eternal.
(Word Wall for Ven, Cyclone)

Lungerd wahlaan qethsegol ahmulii vahrukt, Thorgrima, deinmaar do sahqon yolos, ahrk drog do Lah.
Lungerd raised this stone in memory of her husband, Thorgrima, keeper of the crimson flame, and lord of Magicka.
(Word Wall for Lah, Drain Vitality)


Prominent in Word Wall memorials alongside vahrukiv ‘to commemorate’. Something done ko vahrukt ‘in (someone’s) memory’ is to commemorate someone, ensure their memory lives on. Also refers to overarching, general memory, as in the memory of a people.


Related to vahrukiv ‘to commemorate’. May stem from an unattested word vahruk ‘to remember’.