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August 24, 2013

Different names in the Dragon Language


I am creating a story based on a Akaviri Dragon Hunter. I am trying to come up with possible names and I would like to hear what would be the most correct names, grammar wise. 

Ahdodovah or Ahsedovah means Hunter of Dragons, but I'm unsure which one is the most appropriate. Ahsedovah sounds best though, in my opinion. Also, I wonder whether or not there should be something for the "s" in Hunter of Dragon"s". 

There is also Dragon Hunter which I translated to Dovahah. This name kind of works, but is not as epic sounding as the ones above. Is it a correct translation though?

Then we have Dragon Slayer which I translated to Dovahkriid. I assume this one is correct, but please correct me if I am wrong. 

Finally, I have a nickname which I'd like to think Dragons themselves used for him. That would be The Hunter which I translate to either Faal Ah or Fin Ah. Which one is the most appropriate translation?

Thanks for any help!

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August 24, 2013

Drem yol lok!

1. "Ahsedovah" is the correct variant, because "se" is used for word compounds while "do" is used in sentences.

2. Yes, "Dovahah" or "Dovah Ah" is right.

3. Exactly, this word is in the dictionary there:

4. "Faal Ah'' is the best, because "Faal" is formal and is used in reference to proper nouns or things of reverence. Here it is said:


August 24, 2013

"Ahsedovah" would be the correct word.  "se" is used instead of "do" when making compound words like that.  If you wanted to go plural, you could say "Ahsedovahhe", but that wouldn't be necessary.  The rules of plural nouns are pretty flexible, so "dovah" could mean "dragon" or "dragons" if you wanted it to.  Another option would be "Ahsedov", "hunter of dragonkind".

"Dovahah" is a correct translation of "dragon hunter", but as you pointed out it doesn't sound as cool as "Ahsedovah" or "Dovahkriid".

"Faal Ah" would be the appropriate translation.  "Faal" is formal and used for proper nouns, while "fin" is informal and usually cut from speech.  It's the difference between "I am seeking the hunter" and "I am seeking the Hunter".

Hope this helps!


January 30, 2014

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