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February 10, 2019

Need help with translation "foolish" and "honor-less"

Hi, I need some help coming up with an insult in the dragon tongue. The kind of scenario it would be used is as follows: Dragon A encounters another dragon (dragon B) with which they have a bad history with. They are enemies. Dragon B is confident in his strength to defeat dragon A but Dragon A thinks otherwise and only sees Dragon B as arrogant, replying something along the lines of: 
"You are as foolish as I remember, honorless snake! I will never succumb to the same weakness you have!"

I know it would translate into something like, "Hi Los Ol Mey Ol Zu'u Dahmaan, (Honor-less) Vith!" Anyway, any help in translating would be greatly appreciated. I 'm not sure how to incorporate the suffix "-ish" into the dragon language. And I don't know how to turn "Zin (honor) into "honorless". I only intend to translate the first sentence as the rest will be said in English. Also, I realize I probably already botched the translation completely, please forgive me as I'm still learning... If you feel the need to correct what is no doubt my utter failure of a translation then please do so! 

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Sonaak Kroinlah
February 11, 2019

The word "dukaan" can be used as "dishonourable" which is a synonym for honourless. There is also the suffix -nu which means -less so zinnu could also work. You could also use "tahrodiis lir" "treacherous worm" as an insult.