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August 11, 2019


Drem yol lok !

I found interesting things about dragon-priests that only appear in TESO. Their names are Akiirdal, Arthosiis, Korthor, Haldriin, Vosis and Zaan. I was wondering : are their names written in dragon language and do we know their meaning ? (Zaan is the only known word in Dovahzul). Also, when you fight Korthor, he usually says "Luft dinokii" which logically means "Face your death". However on this site, "Luft" only refers to the physical face of the body and does not mean "Meet". So, is it a mistake or just another way to say "Face someone"?

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August 13, 2019

At first glance, they look SO CLOSE to Dovahzul words - Akiirdal -> Aak... I had a hunch to check the Legacy translator -- Kiird is "play" there... Were they trying to use the Legacy dictionary to make Aak, Kiir, Al (Guide, play, destroy) ? 

Korthor -- sort of like Koor, Thur?

Vosis? like "siis" in Arthosiis?

What -I- would like to know is: Can we get in contact with the ESO name creators and ask about the origin of those names? Were they going off previously unknown canon? Or were they BS'ing it...


August 14, 2019
Yes, it would be a good idea to ask the name creatos but I have no idea how to do it. I don't think they used the Legacy dictionary, it would be surprising if Bethesda used words created by the community directly for their game, I think they are draconic words that are completely unknown at the moment. It would be great if they could give us their meaning.