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August 19, 2019

TESO Shouts

Hello everyone ! Here is some interesting content from TESO which are Dragon Shouts. They used a lot of words we don't know. The words with " " come from the Legacy dictionary :

Al Gron Nok (Destroyer Bind Lie)

Bex Miir Kein (Open Allegiance War)

Bo Het Lo (Fly Here Deceive)

Dey Rah Zaam (??? God Slave)

Diil Qoth Zaam (Undead Tomb Slave)

Diiv Mir Tah (Wyrm Allegiance Pack)

Du Kun Shaan (Devour light Inspire)

Fus Ro Dah (Force Balance Push)

Gaan Lah Haas (Stamina Magicka Health)

Gaar Toor Nah (Unleash Inferno Fury)

Golt Mah Nos (Ground Fall Strike)

Jiid So Daan ("Grim" Sorrow Doom)

Jol Fus Daal ("While" Force Return)

Jud Hof Liik (Queen ??? "Milk")

Kren Qeth Gol (Break Bone Earth)

Kriid Iiz Gron (Slayer Ice Bind)

Lok Diil On (Sky Undead ???)

Mul Bah Rein (Strong Wrath Roar)

Nel Jaag Moh ("Fast" ??? "Coat")

Qeth Krii Gol (Bone Kill Earth)

Rii Vaaz Bex (Essence Tear Open)

Riis Thaan Kohg (??? ??? ???)

Roth Nihn Fey (??? ??? "Stay")

Sos Jiid Viin (Blood "Grim" Shine)

Sov Ag Slen (Spend Burn Flesh)

Strun Bah Qo (Storm Wrath Lightning)

Tiid Grah Kron (Time Battle Conquer)

Tiid Klo Ul (Time Sand Eternity)

Vah Yol Ron (Spring Fire ???)

Viir Su Pook (Dying Air Stink)

Wiix Lo Feim (??? Deceive Fade)

Zey Qeth Lok ("Me" Bone Sky)

Is their a way to translate all these unknown words ?

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August 19, 2019

Please post this in the forums! This is worth better discussion than the Question Board! That's actually big if the ESO guys are using the Legacy Dictionary to make shouts .. like, seriously


August 19, 2019
Alright Zinrahzul, I'm sorry, next time I'll post this kind of topic on the forums.

I don't know if they were totally inspired by the Legacy Dictionary, many words don't appear in it and some have no meaning in a shout (e.g. Milk).