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February 10, 2020

Why is there no word for "what" "where" "why"?

Why is there no word for "what" "where" "why"?

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February 10, 2020
This site simply gathers all the dragon words you can find in Skyrim, there are about 650 of them, which is not much. Many useful words like "What" or "Why" have never been used in the game, so there is no translation for them. However, there is actually a translation for "Where" which is "Kolos".


February 12, 2020

No direct word-for-word translations, but you can still convey what you want by rephrasing and then translating the words.


Where are you? - Hin golt? (your place?)

I know where he is - Zu'u mindok golt kolos rok los (I know the place in which he is)

The forest where he died - Feykro kolos rok dir (Forest in which he died)


What are you doing? - Daar tol hi dreh? (This that you do?)

What even are you? - Vonmindoraan/Vomindok hi! (Unknowable what you are!)

What is the shield-maiden's weapon?

What...? - Tinvaak do ... (Tell me of ...)


Why are you here? - Hin sod etc. het? (Your deed here?) Tinvaak do hin sod het (Talk about your deed here)

Alternate: Hin laan het? / Tinvaak hin laan. (What you want here? / Talk about what you want.) -- Note: "laan" means "want" as in the in-game dialog: "Zu'u lost ofan hin laan." ~Odahviing. It means "I have given what you want".

Why does she stand here? Dreh rek kriist het fah osos laan? / Tinvaak do ek laan het. (Does she stand here for something she wants? / Talk about what she wants here.)