Translated Miraak's Mantra - want confirmation


Het ko dii belur
Tol hi lost vodahmin
Het dreh hi kroson
Tol hi aal dahmaan
Naal vulon hi piraan
Fos naa sul lost gahrot
Gut nol heinmaar
Zu'u naram alun lovun wah hi
Him miin ont lost vokoraav
Nu zeim zu'u dreh hi koraav
Him haal ont lost stin
Nu zeim niin dreh zu'u tinvaak
Ahrk fod fin lein fent hon
Ahrk fod fin lein fent koraav
Ahrk fod fin lein dahmaan
Tol lein fent ahzaal wah kos.


Here in my shrine
That you have forgotten
Here do you toil
That you might remember
By night you reclaim
What by day was stolen
Far from yourselves
I grows ever near to you
Your eyes once were blinded
Now through me do you see
Your hands once were idle
Now through them do I speak
And when the world shall listen
And when the world shall see
And when the world remembers
That world shall cease to be.

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