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T3D Tiid
Word Type[?]
Official Definition[?]

(Slow Time Shout)
(Dialogue, 00035B4A)
(POGGLE, p. 1097)

Expanded Definition[?]

n. time; moment


Tiid klo ul!
Time slow eternity!
(Slow Time Shout)

Slen Tiid Vo!
Flesh time undo!
(Alduin, 000B3987)

Alduin, thuri! Boaan tiid vokriiha suleyksejun kruziik?
Alduin, my king (overlord)! Has the time arrived (flown) to restore (unkill) your ancient dominion (power-of-king)?
(Sahloknir, 00035B4A)

You have it. The Kel - the Elder Scroll. Tiid kreh... qalos. Time shudders at its touch.
(Paarthurnax, 000C64EC)

I knew better. Tiid bo amativ. Time flows ever onward. One day he would surface.
Tiid bo amativ = “time flows/flies (ever) onward”
(Paarthurnax, 000BBEA8)

Aam? Serve you? Ni tiid. If and when you defeat Alduin, I will reconsider.
Ni tiid = “not time” = “not yet”
(Odahviing, 00048F03)

Vegunthar wahlaan qethsegol bormahii vahrukt, Hungunthar Tiid-Naak, kriaan se junnesejer, kroniid se Dunkreath.
Vegunthar built (this) stone (in) his father’s memory, Hungunthar Time-Eater, slayer of the Kings of the East, conqueror of Dunkreath.
(Word Wall for Tiid, Slow Time)


Word of Power, the constant passage of time. On a small scale refers to solitary moments or events. On a broader scale refers to the passing of the ages and the cycles of the world. Paarthurnax also notes ‘The dov are children of Akatosh. Thus we are specially... attuned to the flow of Time. Perhaps also uniquely vulnerable.’ (0003FA42)

No etymology to note.

From Old English tīd, origin of English ‘tide’.